The costs of finishing apartment 200 meters super Luxury

The costs of finishing apartment 200 Meters Luxury

Flat finishing assay 200 meters Super Lux
Specifications for finishing a Super Lux apartment 200 meters
Electricity finishing works
Comprehensive finishing of electrical wires 3 mm, the Swedish company accredited
Finishing and establishing sanitary clause
Finishing, including 20 mm German BBR feeding tubes, 20 years guarantee
Conch finishing works item:
The item of finishing ceramic floors and walls for the capital company for finishes in Egypt, decoration and general contracting
Finished item of cornice Fiotic Tech for the capital company in Egypt
Cornice finish for kitchen and bathrooms
Finishing is resistant to heat, moisture and fire from the certified Futech company
Paints finishing and decoration item not exceeding 100 mm
Finishing, including paint works, SLR, of all units
Item finishing the internal doors of the unit
The doors include 7 doors
Elemental Sectional Finishing Item:
Comprehensive supply and installation of all sectors of alumental door and window
Finishing and installing bathroom sets for finishing company in Egypt, decoration and general contracting
It includes finishes, supplying and installing bathroom sets
Mixers item
Comprehensive supply, installation and testing of all mixers
Includes artifacts, supplies and necessary item
Marble item for interior doors and kitchen and accessories item
Gibson board item, Walls for the Capital Company for Decoration and Finishing in Egypt and General Contracting
Supply and installation of not more than 50 mm
Gibson Board item, Bishop
Supply and installation not to exceed 100 mm
Cleaning works
It includes cleaning work, transporting burdens and waste from the apartment, cleaning the unit and delivering it to the customer after finishing
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